Corvette Supercharged

White C7 Vette with 1000 HP

C7 Corvette from Vengeance Racing offers One Thousand Horsepower

Yahoo! News

An upgraded Z06 from Vengeance Racing boasts a remarkable 1,000 horsepower.

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C7 Grand Sport Engine

2017 Corvette Z06 Supercharger Design will Fix Cooling Issue

Corvette Blogger 22 Jul 2016

The cooling fixes for the 2017 Corvette Z06 will come through an improved supercharger design.
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Black Corvette ZR1 on Sales Lot

Used C6 ZR1s are now selling for under $50k

CarBuzz 26 May 2016

The Corvette ZR1s that were built from 2009 to 2013 can now be found for under $50,000. Almost an unheard of price for the performance.
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Black Z06 C7 Smoke Burnout

Z06 Burnout Ends in Crash

Torque News 24 May 2016

Spinning the tires is a hallmark in the sports car world, but this burnout in a new Z06 ends poorly.
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Custom 2015 Z06 Doing Donuts in a Parking Area

Supercharged 2015 Corvette Z06 White Smoke Donuts

Atlanta Custom Wraps 30 Dec 2014

Atlanta Custom Wraps shows off a 650 hp supercharged 2015 Corvette Z06 putting off some serious white smoke while burning off the tires.
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European Upgraded 600hp C7 Corvette

European Performance Company's Upgraded C7 Corvette Will Have 600hp

GTSpirit 22 Oct 2014

Aftermarket European tuners are slowly beginning to get their hands on the C7-generation Chevrolet Corvette Stingray and the latest to do so is little-known tuner Abbes.
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Corvette News Photo - Supercharged

The Full Scoop on the 2015 Z06 Engine

Motor Trend 16 Oct 2014

Motor Trend gives an in depth look at GM's most powerful production engine ever released.
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Corvette News Photo - Supercharged

Stock C7 Corvette vs Hennessey Corvette Street Race

Corvette Blogger 02 Oct 2014

What’s the difference between a stock C7 Corvette and an HPE700 Supercharged C7 Corvette? About 10 car lengths at 130 mph.
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Corvette News Photo - Supercharged

Geiger's Supercharged Corvette C7 Stingray Is 590hp Of Beast Mode

Car Throttle 22 Sep 2014

German tuner Geiger Cars has launched its new kit for the already brutal C7 Stingray. Speed, power and attitude have all been turned up to mind blowing levels.
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