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Converted E85 Ethanol 1000 Horsepower Corvettes to Race in Nebraska

Kearney Hub

This weekend, several Corvettes that have been converted to run on E85, a high octane blend of 85 percent ethanol and 15 percent unleaded gasoline, will be taking to Kearney Raceway Park in Nebraska.

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Blue C7 Convertible Corvette Pulls Into National Convention

Omaha Hosting the National Corvette Convention

WOWT 20 Jul 2016

The National Corvette Convention kicks off in Omaha, Nebraska this year.
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Corvette News Photo - Nebraska

Nebraska Corvette Collector Passes

Kearney Hub 16 Jul 2016

Businessman Carroll Sheldon of Nebraska passed away at 88 years old and was an avid Chevrolet Corvette collector for many years.
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Corvette News Photo - Nebraska

Corvettes Glisten at Fremont car show

Fremont Tribune 22 Sep 2014

Tom Horeis said the show had Corvette models represented from the second generation, C2, to the latest generation, C7. He opted to drive his 2015 Corvette to the show rather than his 1976 Stingray.
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