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Red 1990 Corvette Pulled From River

Man Sinks Ex-Wife's 1990 Corvette in Delaware River


Philadelphia police said they are seeking a man accused of driving his estranged wife's Corvette into the Delaware River.

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Red C4 Corvette Pulled From Delaware River

Man Who Pushed Corvette Into River Speaks

NBC 10 - Philadelphia 13 Nov 2014

The man accused of pushing his estranged wife's red Corvette into the Delaware River amid a messy divorce turned himself in to police Wednesday. "I didn't realize that I did anything wrong."
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Stolen Red Corvette Leads a Tennessee Police Chase

WCYB 23 Oct 2014

A Church Hill, TN man is looking at several charges after police say he stole a red Chevrolet Corvette.
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New York Man Sentenced For Buying Corvette With Stolen Identity

The News Journal 22 Oct 2014

A New York man was sentenced Tuesday in Wilmington, Delaware to over 3 years in prison for stealing Dover area residents' identities and getting bank loans to buy a Corvette along with other items.
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Drunk New Jersery Cops Crash Corvette Into a Church

Courier-Post 04 Oct 2014

Two city police officers were cited for drunken driving following a crash into a Carmel Road church in early September, and now the case is under criminal review by the Prosecutor's Office.
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Another Stolen Corvette Is Recovered

GM Authority (blog) 25 Sep 2014

Over the past few months the media has reported on cars (most notably a Corvette) that were stolen years and years ago, only to turn up again after authorities managed to sniff out some peculiarities with VINs. Well, another Corvette has turned up after being lost for 26 years.
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Stolen 1969 Corvette Recovered After 25 Years

Corvette Blogger 23 Sep 2014

A 1969 Corvette stolen almost 25 years ago has been recovered, but nobody knows who the real owner is.
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1990 Corvette Burned In Arizona Driveway

VetteTube 11 Apr 2012

From Phoenix, AZ, this couple's 1990 Corvette and rare Hummer were torched overnight in their driveway. They're offering a $2,500 reward for the arrest and conviction of the arsonist.
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Drunk driver takes out row of new Corvettes

Leftlane 31 Dec 2011

An unnamed drunk driver in Miami lost control of his vehicle, careened off the road, and directly into a row of new Corvettes.
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Cell Phone Showing Video or Corvette Street Racing

C6 and C5 Corvette street racing Caught on Tape

KHOU 30 Nov 2011

A video posted on YouTube shows two illegal street racers wrecking their C5 and C6 Corvettes in The Woodlands outside of Houston, Texas. Police say charges may be possible based on the video.
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