Corvette Controversy

Wrecked Silver C6 Corvette In LA

Shooting Of Corvette Driver Reviewed By LAPD

CBS Los Angeles

LAPD investigation finds that there were “issues with supervision at the scene” after three police officers fatally shot an unarmed man following a high-speed chase in the man's Corvette.

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California Corvette Dealership

Dealership Offers Response to Corvette Joyride

Corvette Blogger 03 Aug 2016

Dealer technician's joy ride in a C7 Corvette garners a response from the dealership after controversy balloons.
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C7 Corvette Dash View From Driver's Seat

Corvette Valet Mode Controversy Continues

AutoNet 15 Oct 2014

GM has erred on the side of caution and has reportedly sent a notice to both dealers and owners warning them about possible legal issues arising from using Valet Mode.
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