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C7 Corvette Red Hi-Res Interior

Corvette Buyers Surprisingly Still Fond of Manual Transmission


The National Corvette Museum reports that nearly a quarter of Corvettes sold feature a manual transmission. A stark contrast to the transmission sales numbers of other vehicles.

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Spy Image of a rumored C8 Corvette

Mid-Engine C8 Rumors Say C7 will continue until 2021

Corvette Online 08 Aug 2016

The latest Corvette C8 rumors from Corvette Online say that the C7 will remain in production until 2021 - alongside the new C8 mid-engine super car.
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Blue Corvette Hood Emblem

Unknown C7 Corvette Photographed

GM Authority 03 Aug 2016

Amid rumors of the C8 Corvette, the C7 Corvette product line seems to be growing with a new top model.
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California Corvette Dealership

Dealership Offers Response to Corvette Joyride

Corvette Blogger 03 Aug 2016

Dealer technician's joy ride in a C7 Corvette garners a response from the dealership after controversy balloons.
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Suped Up C7 Convertible

2016 C7 Production Numbers Released

GM Authority 26 Jul 2016

The National Corvette Museum has compiled the production numbers for the more than 40 thousand 2016 Corvettes produced.
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Man poses next to 2017 Corvette Grand Sport

The Highly Anticipated 2017 Grand Sport Debuts

The Detroit News 26 Jul 2016

The 2017 Corvette Grand Sport debuted in Georgia at Atlanta Motorsports Park.
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Red white and blue C7 Corvette Grand Sport

Blue and White Color Scheme from C4 Returns for 2017 Grand Sport

Jalopnik 23 Jul 2016

The blue, white, and red color scheme from the C4 Grand Sport will return in the 2017 counterpart.
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C7 Grand Sport Front Hood Test Drive

QA Session for the 2017 Corvette Grand Sport Test Drive

GM Authority 22 Jul 2016

GM Authority is offering to answer questions about their test drive of the C7 2017 Corvette Grand Sport.
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Corvette News Photo - C7 Corvette

Man Steals Corvette From The Salesman

Arkansas Online 22 Jul 2016

A Jonesboro, Arkansas man is wanted after taking the keys from a car salesman and stealing a brand new Corvette.
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C7 Grand Sport Engine

2017 Corvette Z06 Supercharger Design will Fix Cooling Issue

Corvette Blogger 22 Jul 2016

The cooling fixes for the 2017 Corvette Z06 will come through an improved supercharger design.
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Yellow Shiny Corvette C7 Z06

C7 Z06 Overheating to be Fixed in 2017

LeftLane News 21 Jul 2016

An overheating issue reported when the Z06 is pushed to the max is slated to be addressed in the 2017 model.
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Gray C7 Corvette Delivered From Truck

Student Wins A C7 Corvette

Lee's Summit Journal 21 Jul 2016

A Kentucky student has won the ultimate prize - a brand new Vette.
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Custom Slate Gray C7 Corvette

Customs Rims Give C7 A Sweet Look

Corvette Online 20 Jul 2016

Forgeline's AR1 wheels give a signature look to this featured C7 Z06.
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