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(2005 - 2013)

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Chevy restricts Corvette ZR1 sales to top dealers

Auto News

GM is only giving 10% of their dealerships the opportunity to sell the Corvette ZR1. The dealers are being chosen based on their total volume of Corvette sales.

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Man Locked Inside Yellow 2007 Corvette

Reporter Calls 911 For Being Locked Inside a Corvette

WSET ABC 13 15 Oct 2014

Last week, a man became trapped inside a 2007 Corvette C6 coupe, and ridiculously, phoned 911 for assistance. How is this possible, you ask? Well, the man was walking by a closed dealer lot when he saw a Corvette C6 for sale.
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Artistic C7 Vette Racing Track

Sexy Las Vegas Racing School Ad

GM Authority 11 Oct 2014

A Las Vegas Racing School features a sexy French model in an advertisement that is sure to thrill.
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Corvette Z06 Totaled after hitting SUV

Argus Leader 07 Oct 2014

A black SUV heading westbound was stopped in traffic and attempting to make a turn when the vehicle was rear-ended by a silver Corvette, Officer Ryan Sandgren said.
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ZR1 Corvette Smoking Tires

Insanely Quick Corvette C6 ZR1 Launch

High Tech Corvette 01 Oct 2014

Watch a ridiculously fast 9 second Corvette C6 ZR1.
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Incredible Sounding 9 Second Corvette ZR1

Corvette Blogger 30 Sep 2014

This is one bad ass ZR1. I love the sound of these cars launching like this!
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White C6 Vettes On Display In front of Event

2013 Arctic White Corvettes on Dispay

Corvette Blogger 29 Apr 2012

At the NCM Bash on Friday, visitors were greated with a lineup of 2013 Corvettes on display on the patio outside the Museum. The display included the new 427 Convertibles as well as a Grand Sport, Z06 and a ZR1, all in 60th Anniversary white trim.
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2012 Corvette Z06 on Consumer Reports Best Car List

Kerbeck Corvette 28 Apr 2012

Consumer Reports magazine Monday released its best and worst list for 2012 road tests, with the Chevrolet Corvette Z06 making its top-scoring list.
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Night Race Blue 2013 Vette Sample

Final C6 Rumored to offer Night Race Blue and new wheels

Auto Blog 14 Apr 2012

For its final model year, the 2013 C6 will reportedly get a last new color called Night Race Blue.
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Tadge Juechter and Harlan Charles Speaking at Seminar

2012 Corvette Seminar at Sebring Video

Corvette News Blog 31 Mar 2012

Twelve Hours of Sebring isn't just one of the most interesting races of the year, it's also one of the year's most informational automotive events.
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750 Horsepower Corvette ZR1 Lingenfelter Races Other Supercars

Corvette Blogger 25 Feb 2012

How do you think a stock Ferrari 458 Italia would fare against three other supercars? Well, the Russian website Drag Times Info recently decided to find out by running the Ferrari in a mile drag race against several cars, including a spiced up Corvette.
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Drunk driver takes out row of new Corvettes

Leftlane 31 Dec 2011

An unnamed drunk driver in Miami lost control of his vehicle, careened off the road, and directly into a row of new Corvettes.
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1500 Horsepower Twin-Turbo Corvette Acceleration Video

GTspirit 31 Dec 2011

This video gives us an impression of a modified C6 Corvette with two turbo's accelerating flat out from 50mph up to just over 170mph in less than ten seconds.
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