C4 Corvette Articles | 1984 - 1996

Blue C7 Corvette With White Corvettes From Previous Generations

Corvette Online Compares Corvette Generations

Corvette Online

This week's Reader Reaction brought record setting voting and we can all see a sample of which Corvettes people think are most influential!

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Corvette News Photo - C4 Corvette

Flashback: Chevrolet Debuts the 1987 Corvette

Corvette Report 10 Oct 2014

Twenty-eight years ago today Chevrolet released the new 1987 Corvette to the buying public. Performance was back to '60s levels, fuel-injection was standard, and the car had a top speed of 150-MPH making it the fastest car in America in 1987.
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Drag Strip 1994 C4 Corvette

1994 Corvette Converted to Drag Strip Racer

Chevy Hi-Performance Magazine 26 Apr 2012

A 1994 Corvette is modified into a high power dragstrip hot rod by Bill Moore.
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Blue 1991 C4 Callaway Corvette In Front of A field

1991 Callaway Corvette Posted For Sale in AZ

Corvette Blogger 19 Apr 2012

The peak of the Callaway run came in 1991 when the visually stunning Speedster body style was unleashed. Only 10 were produced and one was recently offered for sale.
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Corvette News Photo - C4 Corvette

1990 Corvette Burned In Arizona Driveway

VetteTube 11 Apr 2012

From Phoenix, AZ, this couple's 1990 Corvette and rare Hummer were torched overnight in their driveway. They're offering a $2,500 reward for the arrest and conviction of the arsonist.
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Upgraded C4 Corvette Mile Time

C4 Corvette Clocks 200+ MPH Mile

Corvette Blogger 31 Mar 2012

High Tech Corvette captured a C4 making two runs at the Texas Mile and both times the “all motor” 4th Gen Corvette breaks the 200 mph barrier.
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