2017 Corvette

Red white and blue C7 Corvette Grand Sport

Blue and White Color Scheme from C4 Returns for 2017 Grand Sport


The blue, white, and red color scheme from the C4 Grand Sport will return in the 2017 counterpart.

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Man poses next to 2017 Corvette Grand Sport

The Highly Anticipated 2017 Grand Sport Debuts

The Detroit News 26 Jul 2016

The 2017 Corvette Grand Sport debuted in Georgia at Atlanta Motorsports Park.
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C7 Grand Sport Front Hood Test Drive

QA Session for the 2017 Corvette Grand Sport Test Drive

GM Authority 22 Jul 2016

GM Authority is offering to answer questions about their test drive of the C7 2017 Corvette Grand Sport.
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C7 Grand Sport Engine

2017 Corvette Z06 Supercharger Design will Fix Cooling Issue

Corvette Blogger 22 Jul 2016

The cooling fixes for the 2017 Corvette Z06 will come through an improved supercharger design.
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Yellow Shiny Corvette C7 Z06

C7 Z06 Overheating to be Fixed in 2017

LeftLane News 21 Jul 2016

An overheating issue reported when the Z06 is pushed to the max is slated to be addressed in the 2017 model.
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Top Speed Artist Concept of Corvette Zora ZR1

Top Speed Offers a Corvette Zora ZR1 Artist Concept

Top Speed 19 Oct 2014

Rumors about a mid-engine Corvette Zora surfacing in 2017 have been circulating across all corners of the internet. GM has not yet announced anything official, but that has not prevented artist concept renderings from popping up.
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Corvette News Photo - 2017 Corvette

2017 C8 Corvette could be a mid-engine beast

SlashGear 29 Sep 2014

The Chevrolet Corvette has been around for decades now and one thing that each iteration of the car has had in common is a front mounted engine. In the automotive world, you can have front, mid, and rear engines and there are fantastic sports cars in each of those categories. Think Porsche 911 for rear-engine, Corvette (and a plethora of others) for front engine, and mostly exotics like Ferrari and a few others for mid-engine.
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Yello C8 Corvette Convertible Concept

Could Chevy Release the Zora ZR1 C8 Alongside the Corvette C7 Until 2020

iCar Review 27 Sep 2014

Latest reports suggest that GM will sell the Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 Zora (C8) model with the C7 for several years. The Zora Corvette ZR1 should appear as a model in 2017 - a year that will get off the conveyor belt only 1,500 cars.
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Corvette News Photo - 2017 Corvette

2017 Mid-Engine Corvette ZR1 To Cost $150k

Motor Authority 27 Sep 2014

Work has commenced on the next-generation Chevrolet Corvette, the C8, and word on the street is that the car will ride on a new mid-engine platform under development at General Motors Company. While the C8 isn't due until the end of the decade, a car riding on its platform may appear much sooner than that.
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Car and Driver Zora Corvette Magazine Cover

Chevy's Plan For The Mid-Engined 2017 Corvette Zora

Jalopnik 10 Sep 2014

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