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Corvette News Photo - 1997 Corvette

5 injured in Wisconsin 1997 Corvette Crash

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 20 Oct 2014

Five people were injured Saturday afternoon in a head-on crash between a Corvette and a Ford Escape in Sauk County. The Sauk County Sheriff's Department said the crash happened shortly before 1 p.m. Saturday on Highway 60 just west of Troy Village.
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Corvette News Photo - 1997 Corvette

1997 'Green Slime' Mallett Corvette to be Star Attraction at Mecum's Chicago Auction

Corvette Blogger 03 Oct 2014

Should you hear that the “Green Slime” is coming to Chicago, don’t be alarmed--this “Green Slime” is not the villain of the eponymous 1968 sci-fi horror flick. No, the “Green Slime” headed to Chicago refers to the 1997 Corvette that was the first of the breed to be modified by racing performance gurus Mallett Motorsports.
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