1966 Corvette

Red 1966 Corvette with black top stolen in Michigan

Convertible 1966 C2 Corvette stolen from Dream Cruise

WXYZ Detroit 16 Aug 2015

A cherished 1966 Convertible C2 Corvette was stolen from a Birmingham, Michigan parking garage during the annual Dream Cruise event.
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Great Condition 1966 Corvette Ready For Auction

1966 Corvette Convertible Spotted On eBay

Corvette Blogger 14 Oct 2014

A abandoned 1966 Corvette in great condition has been spotted on eBay and is beckoning the bids of collectors looking for this vintage classic.
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Red Convertible 1966 Corvette On Side of Road

1966 Corvette Rolls Off a Transport Trailer

Corvette Forum 29 Mar 2012

Corvette Forum member Sonny557 posts about his experience seeing a 1966 Corvette fall off of a trailer on the highway.
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